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Find accurate HTS codes for your products in seconds

The first Ai-powered HTS search tool that helps you find accurate HTS codes in seconds. 100% compliant with US customs regulations

Supercharge your HTS search 
with Ai built right in


Get so much done in so little time

As soon as you begin to enter your item information, Tariffly's Neural AI technology suggests relevant keywords and synonyms, then instantly matches your entry to the perfect HTS codes.


Breeze through CBP rulings in no time

Spending hours reading through hundreds of rulings just to find the relevant one is now a thing of the past. Simply enter your item keywords and watch Tariffly read through thousands of rulings and shortlist the most relevant ones for your approval. Just like that!


Track Tariffs and CBP rulings and get notified of changes

Tariffly automatically keeps track of your products and sends you notifications for any changes in duty rates, suffixes, and/or CBP rulings. Never miss important updates again.


The most advanced duty rate calculator ever made

Calculating duty rates for complex items can be daunting even for the most skilled mathematicians. Put away your formula; Tariffly handles all the calculations for you without the need to crunch numbers.


The easiest way to lookup statistical suffixes

Looking up an item's statistical suffixes the traditional way means opening up multiple screens and jumping from one to another. Tariffly offers a quick and easy way to navigate multiple suffixes without leaving your main screen. Your life just got a lot easier.


Eliminates the guesswork in China Section 301 tariffs

Opening multiple screens just to see all the Section 301 HTS codes affecting your articles from China? Not anymore. Tariffly now displays the normal duty rate along with all applicable Section 301 tariffs and their rates - all on one screen!

Tariffly is loaded with so much features, It’s like having your own personal assistant with super powers

Find HS/HTS codes superfast

Match your product with the most accurate HS and HTS code in seconds, not days!

Ai-Powered Synonym generator

Tariffly automatically matches your product description input with its synonyms in USITC's database.

World's first HTS monitoring tool

Now you can monitor your HTS codes and get notified of sudden duty rate changes and new CBP rulings

Your own product catalog

Now you can save all your clients' products and HTS codes in folders for easy monitoring and organization

Up to date with USITC database

Tariffly updates automatically with USITC's database ensure your results are compliant with the latest tariff data

Free HS and HTS Lookup

Experience the best and most powerful free HS and HTS codes lookup tool on the planet

We double-check your results

You can opt to have our customs brokers double-check your item description and search results for accuracy 

A Tool for Every Importer

Whether you're a customs broker, an importer, or just an online seller, Tariffly helps you get work done efficiently

The most advanced attributes library

Now you can classify complex products by simply selecting their matching attributes in Tariffly

Pay the Correct Duty. Guaranteed.

Stop overpaying or underpaying the US government in duties due to wrong tariff classifications.

Stay Compliant with the Law

 Our tool keeps you out of trouble with the law by ensuring you're using the correct HS and HTS codes.

Fortified Data Security

Tariffly utilizes state-of-the-art encryption protocols to safeguard your data.


Tariffly users are finding real
savings in US customs duty

Baby Carrier

duty rate BEFORE reclassification




total annual savings on duty




Porcelain Cup

duty rate BEFORE reclassification




total annual savings on duty




Electrothermic Device

duty rate BEFORE reclassification




total annual savings on duty




Tariffly is your key to saving costs, maximizing profits, and ensuring compliance with US Customs regulations.

Knowledge is profit. Tariffly offers more than just a duty rate look up tool, our product opportunity analytics is a gold mine for finding new products, sourcing from other countries, and eliminating costly tariffs 


You may be overpaying in duties due to incorrect HS or HTS codes. Tariffly can help you find accurate codes which can in turn save you money.


High tariff cost on Made in China products eating into your profit? Use Tariffly's report to diversify your sourcing into other countries.


Tariffly's product opportunity report can help you outsmart the competition by spotting products similar to yours but with free or lower tariffs.


Researching new products to sell? Now you can easily include tariff costs when calculating the profitability of all your shortlisted products.


Use Tariffly's Jackpot report and analytics to innovate or redesign your products with materials or ingredients that have free or lower tariffs.


Knowing the duty rate of every component in your product is essential in choosing the best country in which you will assemble your products.


Importing your products with incorrect HTS codes is in violation of US customs laws which are subject to cargo seizures, penalties and fines.


Now you can monitor your products' HTS codes for sudden changes in duty rate, CBP rulings, and other regulations. 


You may be underpaying in duties and not know it. This is also in violation of US customs laws and is subject tofines and penalties

Tariffly increases customs brokers' efficiency and accuracy by 900%

In a recent test, tariffly was found to have helped a customs professional increase her efficiency by 900%, which means getting more classifications done in less time.

Recommended by experts. Loved by brands

Tariffly has become the preferred tool for experienced customs brokers and importers to save money on duties and identify the perfect HS and HTS codes.

"Tariffly is a game-changer. This HTS tariff code service is seamless, accurate, and will save our company over $10,000 annually, a significant impact on our bottom line. Besides, their customer service is top-notch, making the experience commendable. An absolutely stellar service for anyone in international trade."

Alex M
Licensed Customs Broker

"As an Amazon seller,  I had no idea how much money I was leaving on the table.  All I had to do was make sure we were using the right classification code.  To my surprise I reclassified my goods and found a 16% savings. This netted me over $6700 on one shipment.  Incredible!  Fast and east.  Why didn't some one show me this sooner? I highly recommend this tool"

Tom M.
Amazon Seller (4 years)

Great plans that work for everyone

Sign up today and get double HTS search credits + Bonus HTS and CBP Rulings Monitoring credits!

We guarantee you will find accurate HTS codes faster with Tariffly or we'll gladly refund all credits used. No questions asked.

Tariffly is a proud member of these fine associations

Here's a crash course on Tariffs, HS, and HTS Codes

HS (Harmonized System) and HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) codes are classifications used for the systematic categorization and identification of products in international trade. They are numerical codes assigned to different goods to facilitate the uniform classification of products across borders.

An import duty (or tariff) is the tax you pay on every item you import into the US. You, like many other sellers, may not realize you pay this tax on every cargo simply because your freight forwarder or customs broker makes this payment on your behalf.

The HS (Harmonized System) Code is a globally accepted system for the classification of products. it was developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO). it consists of six digits, with more detailed codes extending to eight or ten digits for specific categorization.

The HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) Code is used in the United States for classifying products in international trade.
it is based on the international HS system but extends the codes to provide more detailed classifications.
Typically has ten digits, with the first six digits aligning with the HS code.

You need both HS and HTS codes. Both are essential for customs authorities, importers, and exporters to ensure accurate and consistent classification of products during international trade transactions. They help in determining applicable tariffs, duties, and other trade-related regulations.

Unknown to many importers like yourself, your forwarder or broker may be using the wrong tariff codes to import your products. This may have been costing you a lot of money in overpayment, and could even get you in trouble with the law.

7 out of 10 importers we surveyed don't know how much they're losing in import duty.

Our goal at Tariffly is to keep you compliant with the law. You may be overpaying or underpaying in duties due to using incorrect tariff codes. Our users have found tariff errors resulting in savings of over $10 million year over year. You too may be surprised to find out how much money you've been losing for years!

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